Weighing In On All Eyez On Me: Tupac Biopic

Why All Eyez On Me: Tupac Biopic is Suffering in Box Office


When it comes to All Eyez On Me, the movie was good, but not on a level like Straight Outta Compton. We know that LT Hutton said their intention is to complete the trilogy of the West Coast gangsta rap era with All Eyez On Me and Death Row Records, but they didn’t do Tupac justice!

Let us recap this All Eyez On Me: Tupac biopic, and give you a REAL point of view with our review of the film….

Weighing In On All Eyez On Me: Tupac Biopic

First off, we would like to address a few things. 50 Cent said there was a cellphone in the Faith Evans scene. No it was the scene in 1993 when he called Jada Pinkett on the studio lot. Cellphones were Motorola’s back then, big a bulky, so that was true.

What we thought of the Tupac Biopic!

Then, Jada Pinkett sounded off about a scene where Tupac said goodbye and read her a poem. The scene is fictional and lets be honest it didn’t feel right at all. It should have been taken out of the movie, but we know Benny Boom and LT Hutton were trying to establish a tight friendship. It failed, they could have found 100 better ways to accomplish that. We understand Jada’s point of view and why she addressed her pain. Biopics are about continuity, real life events, not “what he wanted to be” its about who he was. Which leads us to Benny Boom. Boom has been one of the most talented, innovative, creative and stylish directors when it comes to music videos. When it comes to doing a biopic, it’s no Straight Outta Compton. F Gary Gray made you feel every emotion, every moment, the fight, the struggle and the power of NWA. Benny Boom gave us All Eyez On Me, a video-esque docu-movie that touched on moments in his life. Unfortunately it lacks the power of Straight Outta Compton on all levels.

So what do we think about All Eyez On Me?

We like how the movie clarified a few thing and how Tupac confused Biggie was a threat. Pac was the son of a Black Panther member so he had a target on his back from jump. He did become a voice for black people because his music told real stories from the hood. Something hip hop no longer does. Instead hip hop these days talks about fucking pussy, it glorifies drugs and promotes labels, jewelry and material things to keep the black community down and in their place.

The problems with All Eyez On Me: Tupac Biopic:

Tupac was a profit, an intellectual lyricist that got caught up in fame, the pressures of the music industry. His freedom was tied to the music (basically, like his mother stated in the beginning of the movie he wasn’t really free), Plus, the Feds, politicians and women’s groups wanted to silence him. We’re surprised that Hutton and Boom didn’t dive deeper into the takedown of Tupac.  The was just so much more All Eyez On Me could have been. It paid homage to him, but it didn’t do him justice like we wanted to see. The movie slightly touched on those issues, but didn’t go deep like it needed to. It played a fine line of safety. It was like snippets of Tupac’s you never feel like your living Tupac’s life as you journey through his biopic like Notorious or Straight Outta Compton. We were disappointed that the movie was EPIC like it hyped to be.

Weighing In On All Eyez On Me: Tupac Biopic

The Real People Behind the East Coast West Coast Beef:

What frustrated us about the movie is Pac didn’t realize that it was Nigel behind the lobby shooting when he was shot 5 times. Nigel went by the names of Jacques Agnant and Haitian Jack (read his story). He was a notorious drug dealer and one of the most feared in New York. He was a huge influence in the hip hop scene and part of the BMF (Black Mafia Family). He was also the man who allegedly funded the start up of Bad Boy Records. Before he got with Suge, All Eyez On Me didn’t do their research, because Nigel was trying to recruit 2Pac to sign with Bad Boy, but he refused.

Weighing In On All Eyez On Me: Tupac Biopic

Shortly after that Pac was accused of raping Ayanna Jackson (read her story), whose name was changed to Briana in the movie. She was a set up to take Pac down, so Bad Boy could allegedly takeover with Biggie. That is all theory. Biggie’s Ready to Die dropped 1994 followed by a slew of hits, one being the song that fueled the legendary East Coast vs West Coast beef. To clarify, Nigel was part of the BMF and only affiliated to BBR, it was touched on when Biggie tells Pac to watch out for Nigel on the set of Above The Rim.

Weighing In On All Eyez On Me: Tupac Biopic

Another aspect of the trial was his interview after court. In the movie, Tupac interviews at night, but in the film its during the day. Here is what he really said. The movie was completely different. Why didn’t the film stay true to facts?


LT Hutton stated that he wanted to make a movie on who Tupac wanted to be. If he saw this movie, he’d be pissed because its NOT factual on so many things its frustrating. The liberties taken changing Tupac’s truth is hurtful. Movies like this need to be handled by people who do the research, take the risk in telling the truth and stay real to who the person was, “NOT who they wanted to be, He’s dead, Hutton does’t know who Pac wanted to be.” It’s his assumption.

One of our biggest issues with the movie is during the concert scene when he sings “Hell Mary” a song that came out after Pac was dead off the Makaveli album. Yes, he recorded it, but no one knew the song yet, and if he sang it the audience wouldn’t be singing along.

We did our research and the July 1996 House of Blues original setlist is as follows:

Ambitionz az a Ridah
So Many Tears
Hit ‘Em Up
Tattoo Tearz
All Bout U
Never Call U Bitch Again
Freek’n You (Jodeci song) (with K?Ci & JoJo) (Acapella Version Sang by K-Ci & Jojo)
How Do U Want It (with K?Ci & JoJo)

2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted (With Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg… more)

He NEVER sang “Hell Mary” that night.

The performances in All Eyez On Me:

Overall the movie is good. Straight Outta Compton was great, it dominated the box office, it was everything and more.  All Eyez On Me didn’t make you feel for Pac, like Notorious did for Biggie. However, the performances were on point.

Demetrius Shipp Jr. (Tupac) performance was superb, he really embodied Tupac with the material that was given to him. Danai Gurira (Afeni Shakur) gave a powerful performance as Pac’s mother. Kat Graham (Jada Pinkett) did justice to the role of Jada, but we wished the scene by the pond was removed from the movie, it didn’t fit. Dominic L. Santana (Suge Knight) was perfect as Suge. He had the cool yet evil side the he was about back in those days. We enjoyed the fact that Jamal Woolard (Notorious) reprised the role of Biggie. As for the rest of the cast they played their part.

Nonetheless, former VIBE Magazine writer and journalist, Kevin Powell, who interviewed Tupac at Rikers is suing the movie for copyright infringement. Did someone for get to ask permission?

Bottom line for All Eyez On Me:

The 2Pac biopic was a ‘missed opportunity’ to tell Tupac story like it should have been told. It was like a glorified Lifetime movie. The movie NEEDED a director who knows how to tell a story, not a video director who makes movies in clips and snippets.

We give All Eyez On Me a 2.5 out of 5.

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