Tyrese Gibson Finally Cast as Green Lantern in Justice League

Tyrese Gibson Finally Cast as Green Lantern in Justice League

DC Extended Universe finally locked down a Green Lantern! Could this be true? Reports are claiming that Tyrese Gibson has finally got his wish. Tyrese had been lobbying for the part for quite some time and has not been shy about his desire to play John Stewart.

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Tyrese Gibson Finally Cast as Green Lantern in Justice League

CelebNMovies247.com has learned that Tyrese as the Green Lantern will be appearing in the upcoming Justice League movie.

He will return as John Stewart in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps., which will further expand the DCEU. Tyrese Gibson recently posted some art of himself as Green Lantern on Instagram with the caption:

“It’s time.”

Last year, while talking with Larry king, the actor revealed that he has met with Warner Bros. about it and that they weren’t overly happy with him, because he had stirred up so much chatter about him playing the role on social media. Here’s what he had to say.


“I was like, ‘Woah, that looks cool.’ And I posted it on my Instagram, and it just went crazy, over 1,500 sites. And it was just all of this buzz, and I was like I might as well run with this thing. And I did. Pissed the people off, a little bit, at Warner Bros. because they thought that I had convinced the world that I had landed the role, which I didn’t. And I said, ‘If you go down my timeline, at no point did I say the role is mine.’ But, you know, there have been other artists, actors and actresses who have put up images of them as a comic book character and ended up landing a role. So I was like, it’s worth giving it a shot.”

It hasn’t been confirmed, but it is heavily rumored that an unidentified Green Lantern will be making a cameo appearance in Justice League.

Like we said, this has yet to be confirmed if the Green Lantern will be in Justice League but Tyrese isn’t giving up.