Tyrese Gibson FURIOUS with Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Tyrese Gibson FURIOUS with Dwayne The Rock Johnson


Tyrese Gibson noticed that The Rock is working on a new secret project which he believes is a Fast and Furious spin-off for Hobbs. So, Tyrese went off on social media, you know the place to keep all personal beefs private from the world. #NOT

Anyways, in a very public way Tyrese Gibson decided to DRAG Dwayne The Rock Johnson for scheming behind the Fast and Furious Family. Read on…

Tyrese Gibson FURIOUS with Dwayne The Rock Johnson

CelebNMovies247.com caught wind of this on Monday that Dwayne The Rock Johnson posted a message on the gram that he was working on a new project. (post above)

The Rock writes:

“Secret weapon. Many productive meetings and big business deals have been sealed with a handshake at my GSD (Get Shit Done) table that’s inside my trailer. This table holds a lot of great mana (spirit/power) and energy. And if these wood slabs could talk… well it’s best they can’t talk for national security purposes. Great shot by @sevenbucksprod President @hhgarcia41 capturing our post meeting aftermath.”

Apparently, it rubbed Tyrese Gibson the wrong way since he keeps tabs on Johnson with alerts. Here is what Tyrese had to say to The Rock and it was NOTHING NICE!

It is highly speculated that he was signing off on the first ever Fast and Furious Spin-Off to center around Hobbs. We know this because as soon as that image hit, Tyrese Gibson FIRED SHOTS at Johnson not to move forward on the project.

Gibson FIRED out this WARNING SHOT:

“If you move forward with that Hobbs Movie you will have purposely ignored the heart to heart moment we had in my sprinter. I don’t wanna hear from you until you remember what we talked about. I’m on your timeline cause you’re not responding to my text messages, #FastFamily is just that a family…We don’t fly solo.”

Here is the original message from Tyrese:

Tyrese Gibson FURIOUS with Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Then, he went on to talk about Johnson being reckless and betraying the family. He called out The Rock saying “when you see bullshit play out in front of you and you can’t say anything because they don’t want you to win the battles and lose the war” it’s “reckless”!

He goes on to say that he is “one of the last real ones who speaks his mind.”

Tyrese Gibson FURIOUS with Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Could this be what the Rock is up to?

If Dwayne Johnson does the Hobbs spin-off, it will seriously delay the production start date of Fast & Furious 9, which already has a set release date for April 19, 2019. The feud between the two stars began when Tyrese posted a now deleted call to arms against his co-star signing on for a spin-off.

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