Universal Green Lights Backdraft II Sequel

Universal Green Lights Backdraft II Sequel

One of Kurt Russell’s most popular films in the 90s. Backdraft, is finally getting a sequel and it’s being said that Universal has tapped a director.

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Universal Green Lights Backdraft II Sequel CelebnMovies247.com has the latest on Universal finally doing a sequel to the 1990s Backdraft movie about firefighters trying to find a arsonist.

It’s been reported that production is currently called Backdraft II and location work has already been locked in. In addition, its been revealed the studio already has a leading actor from the original film.

Backdraft was directed by Ron Howard (Solo: A Star Wars Story) and written by Gregory Widen (the original Highlander). Released in 1991, it told the story of two brothers, Lt. Stephen “Bull” McCaffrey (Russell) and Brian McCaffrey (William Baldwin). Both are committed and foolhardy firefighters, but they have fierce differences that need to put aside when they try to find the identity of a serial arsonist.

Moviehole reports:

A direct sequel to Backdraft is currently being pulled together. The rumor is that Universal are keen on producing a follow-up that will have strong links to the 1991 original. Production is said to begin in Romania and Toronto next month, and Baldwin may be returning to reprise his role as the surviving McCaffrey brother. The plot will apparently focus on the son of Russell’s character, who still has a grudge about his uncle’s actions in the first film. Now an investigator with the Chicago F.D., he has to confront arms dealers who use deadly fires as a distraction. Universal are said to have tapped Spanish director Gonzalo López-Gallego as the man to helm the production.

Both Universal and Baldwin are yet to confirm or deny the existence of Backdraft II, and as a revived property it comes as something of a surprise with no previous buzz alluding to it. Information regarding further cast members and the release or distribution of the film have also yet to appear.