Valiant Entertainment Eyeing Dwayne Johnson For Eternal Warrior

Valiant Entertainment Eyeing Dwayne Johnson For Eternal Warrior

Valiant Entertainment Eyeing Dwayne Johnson For Eternal Warrior!

Valiant Entertainment is determined to get their planned cinematic universe up and running like Marvel and DC Comics.

Unfortunately, the VCU failed to spark major interest with Vin Diesel in the lead role as Bloodshot, but we can’t blame Vin for that. Nope, the blame falls on Valiant who made the decision to release the movie just as the Coronavirus pandemic began to rapidly spread and the release backfired on them. Read on more on Valiant Entertainment eyeing Dwayne Johnson… reports that now Valiant Entertainment has new stars taking on major superhero roles hoping these men will bring in the audience.

One thing that the VCU needs to understand is it takes a great script, the right actor, and the perfect director who really gets the material. That is why the MCU does so well. Marvel knows how to clean up and make their Cinematic Universe explainable as well as connectable. They take the material presented in the comics and brings it all to life on the big screen in a manor non Marvel Comic book readers will love. That is the trick. And to be honest the X-Men universe has suffered the mot with inaccuracies.

That being said Valiant Entertainment has already announced that the studio were setting their sights high and were interested in casting Will Smith as Ninjak. These are the same sources that said John Cena was being eyed for X-O Manowar. Cena himself even took to social media to announce that Valiant are eyeing the biggest movie star in the world for a role.

The Big News From Valiant Entertainment:

According to our intel, Paramount are interested in having Dwayne Johnson play Eternal Warrior in the VCU, and are apparently adamant that the part be portrayed by a wrestler-turned-actor after initially pursuing Dave Bautista, who’s said to no longer be under consideration. Unfortunately for them, it seems doubtful that Johnson will have time to tackle the part. As for Bautista, there was no word why Valiant decided to go with The Rock. Maybe it has to do with the poor box office sales wit Stubber and My Spy?

Valiant Entertainment Eyeing Dwayne Johnson For Eternal Warrior

Dwayne Johnson stays in high demand as he is set to star in a comic book movie in the near future in the DCEU’s Black Adam. He will also finish Netflix actioner Red Notice. That is not it, The Rock still needs to film sequels for Hobbs & Shaw and Jumanji and promote Disney’s Jungle Cruise at some point next year. He’s a busy man that wields huge creative control over his projects.

It appears that Paramount is betting on Dwayne Johnson to save the VCU from utter disaster. We will see if Dwayne Johnson will be persuaded to join at some point down the road.

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