Venom and Silver & Black Live In MCU “Same Reality”

Venom and Silver & Black Live In MCU “Same Reality”


While it may be a bit confusing about the upcoming Spider Man Universe and the solo films, Venom and Silver & Black, we do have some clarity. has learned that both films will be in conjunction with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Read on about Venom and Silver & Black

Venom and Silver & Black Live In MCU “Same Reality”

Sony’s former exec Amy Pascal, assures MCU fans that the Venom spinoff film will exist in the “same reality” as the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, this does NOT mean that you will see them in The Avengers or Guardian films.

Here is where things get a bit weird, especially since Pascal and Marvel’s Kevin Feige have different viewpoints about the Venom and the Silver Sable and Black Cat movies.

See, Feige was pretty definitive about not having plans of Venom crossing over to the MCU. Pascal belatedly retracting her statement and abiding by Feige’s earlier comments.

Now, Pascal is shedding new light on the confusion while on her set of press rounds for Homecoming. The film producer talked to Fandom and cleared up the air.

“First, there is Spider-Man happily in the place where he’s supposed to be which is in the Marvel Universe. I think everything comes from that. This is the signpost, the tentpole, the signature and… the other movies that Sony’s going to make, in their relationship to this [MCU] Spider-Man, take place in this [separate Sony] world. Although you’re not going to see them in the Marvel Universe, it’s in the same reality.”


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