Vin Diesel Gives Fans Fast 8 Set Photos From Cuba

Vin Diesel Gives Fans Fast 8 Set Photos From Cuba


Vin Diesel Gives Fans Fast 8 Set Photos From Cuba and lets everyone know that they’ve heard fans want more race scenes so they’re getting it!!!

Vin Diesel keeps Fast fans updated all the time via social media, so find out what Vin’s talking on the flip…

Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez Gives Fans Fast 8 Set Photos From Cuba

Now that Universal Pictures has officially begun shooting the upcoming sequel Fast 8, Vin Diesel took to his Instagram to tell fans what happening on set.

After yesterday’s post about a flaming car chase through the streets of Havana, we’re now getting an update straight from Dom Toretto himself, Vin Diesel. The social media-savvy star took to Instagram with a video look at the Cuban set along with director F. Gary Gray.

Gray kicked things off with this tweet:

Check out the Fast 8 set video below, along with a new photo of Diesel with co-star Michelle Rodriguez (a.k.a. Letty) below.

Check out the vid-o-gram from Vin Diesel below:

The channeling of Dom begins here in Cuba. Gracias por todo mi Gente! @fgarygray #F8

A video posted by Vin Diesel (@vindiesel) on

Vin continues:

Que bola asere! Dom #F8 #Cuba

A video posted by Vin Diesel (@vindiesel) on

Michelle Rodriguez took to instagram to post these words from the streets of Cuba:

“A since this lady seen a lot in her life. I feel that here are two kinds of wealth in the world, the most popular, material wealth, which is pursued THROUGH the planet, always confused with a social evolution, then ay wealth rather discarded in this generation, wealth spiritual. Hopefully a balance between the two one of these days are. Because if I do not think that nature is which retaliates with humanity for not respecting the origin of life.”

She adds:

“I love the people here such a warm culture full of life n good vibes… Kind of hoping they keep this amazing energy forever, it’s so cool to see how creative everyone is, how the culture loves their elders, people seem to live long lives here, I feel so many cultures are so self obsessed many forget their elderly & consider them a burden, here in Cuba there is a respect & a love for the elderly I envy that about the culture. That kind of respect & love is a beautiful thing, especially in an era where most cultures see only the mistakes & dogma of past generations instead of the lessons learned from those who paved the way. Respect”

She posted this video of some photos from the set:

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