Vin Diesel Rebooting Miami Vice TV Series; Teases Riddick 4 Furia

Vin Diesel Rebooting Miami Vice TV Series; Teases Riddick 4 Furia


Mark Sinclair, better known as Vin Diesel has revealed that he and NBC are rebooting the popular 80s series “Miami Vice.”

The Furious 8 actor will bring “Miami Vice” back to the small screen via NBC, Universal Television, Chris Morgan Productions, and Vin Diesel‘s production company, One Race Television. Read on to get the details on Miami Vice and Riddick Furia aka Riddick 4

Vin Diesel Rebooting Miami Vice TV Series; Teases Riddick 4 Furia

This is the latest development between The Riddick star and Chris Morgan’s ongoing relationship with Universal.

Vin Diesel and Morgan have been in the driver’s seat of the The Fast and the Furious franchise, and now they’re branching off into more.

Pastels, floral prints and white linens away! Miami Vice is Coming back to TV!

At this time, no executive producers have been locked for this new series, but I’ll be shocked if both Diesel and Morgan don’t end up listed among them. There is no word is original creator Michael Mann will be involved.

The series pilot will be scripted by Peter Macmanus (“Satisfaction“, Hurt People) for the proposed redo for the Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas classic.

If the pilot wins a network during pilot season, our guess we might see Miami Vice coming fall 2018. classic crime drama TV series reboots have proved to be winners for home viewers. Over the years, we’ve seen the return of “Hawaii Five-O“, “MacGyver“, “Lethal Weapon,“ so why not “Miami Vice.”

What’s next “Cagney and Lacy,” “Jake and the Fat Man” or Streets of “San Francisco?”

Hey we have an idea, how about something new like “Detroit Beat” or “Chicago Crime” or something like a Fargo style series “Idaho PD.” Yes, we write screen plays, and TV series here at – and yes, they’re copyrighted already.

Vin Diesel Rebooting Miami Vice TV Series; Teases Riddick 4 Furia

Vin Diesel Teases Fans with Riddick 4 Furia Photo:

In additional news, Vin Diesel has been teasing fans this past week with a photo of Riddick. We already told you that Riddick is coming soon with a release slated for 2019. The fourth installment of the Chronicles of Riddick – Riddick 4 titled FURIA will be directed by David Twohy. Back in March we reported that Riddick 4 was shortened to FURIA.
Back in 2015, Vin explained that he has to go to a dark place within him to be Riddick, and he wasn’t ready to that. However, here is what he said at that time:

“If you give me a little time, if you let me make sure all my little angels are walking, 12 months to get us all lined up, we could be looking at starting Riddick early 2017. It does take me awhile. I usually have to go to the woods for five months.”

Riddick 4 is still in early development since Vin is the only star listed on IMDB.

The synopsis for Riddick 4: FURIA:

When Riddick finally finds his home planet, he has no idea what’s in store for him.

Diesel has his hands full at the moment with Fast & Furious 9 (April 19, 2019), Fast & Furious 10 (April 2, 2021 ), xXx 4 (maybe 2018 or 2020) and Avengers: Infinity War (May 4, 2018). It looks as Furia might not hit theaters until 2018 or 2020. FURIA may be closer than any of us think. We will wait to see if Vin reveals more on his Facebook.

We will have to see which movie gets prioritized first,  will it be Riddick 4 or xXx 4. Isn’t interesting both of his franchises are at the fourth installment. Until then, fans will have to control their thirst for Furia.

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