Vin Diesel’s R-Rated Riddick Tittle Shortened to Furia

Vin Diesel's R-Rated Furia Filming Soon

Things on the Riddick movie front have been quite, but that is because Vin Diesel is on the promo tour for The Fate of the Furious set for release on April 14th.

Which leads us to the NEXT big franchise for Vin Diesel, Riddick 4, but this time the film is titled Furia. Read on…

Vin Diesel's R-Rated Furia Filming Soon

We have heard much and now one is talking about it until now. We previously told you that another installment to the Chronicles of Riddick was in development and filming was set to start in 2017.

Well, it’s 2017 and word is the movie is that is being produced by One Race Films, Radar Pictures, will be distributed through Universal Pictures. The full titile of the movie is said to be The Chronicles of Riddick: Furia, though it has been shortened per IMDB.

Furia Details:

If you recall, Vin Diesel revealed that Riddick 4 was in the works back around the holiday season 2015:

Months before his announcement in December Vin Diesel took to Instagram saying that he was happy Universal wanted to develope a forth installment of Riddick.

David Twohy and Jim Wheat will be writing the sci-fi, action, thriller. Twohy will be sitting in the directors seat for the upcoming movie called Furia.  And the movie is set to be R-Rated like Pitch Black.


Back in 2015, Vin became a new daddy and stated that he needed some time to go back to the dark place that Riddick takes him.

Vin Diesel's R-Rated Furia Filming Soon

He revealed:

“I couldn’t have done Riddick, because I just had (his daughter) Pauline nine months ago, so whenever I’m a fresh dad, I can’t go to that dark place. But, if you give me a little time, if you let me make sure all my little angels are walking, 12 months to get us all lined up, we could be looking at starting Riddick early 2017. It does take me awhile. I usually have to go to the woods for five months.”


Last we heard, David Twohy confirmed:

“It’ll be rated R.” It isn’t known if the actor’s statement means that The Chronicles of Riddick: Furia is a prequel or an origin story, or if he simply meant this movie will explore the planet that Riddick came from. It isn’t known if the TV series, Merc City, will be connected to this big screen adventure as well.”

We are expecting an update soon on Furia, so we will keep you posted…