What We Know About Disney’s The Haunted Mansion Movie Remake

What We Know About Disney's The Haunted Mansion Movie Remake

What We Know About Disney’s The Haunted Mansion Movie Remake!

Disney may have branched out to explore other forms of media and filmmaking, thereby sharing fresh stories and new intellectual properties. Get the details on the Haunted Mansion Remake…

What We Know About Disney's The Haunted Mansion Movie Remake

Though CelebnMovies247.com has learned that the media conglomerate seems to be hanging on to its signature feature: movies based on its amusement park rides.

Pirates of the Caribbean may have raised questions when it first began production, but it has since become a hugely successful franchise with no signs of stopping.

Earlier this year, Disney released another movie-based-on-a-ride: Jungle Cruise, whose sequel was announced just months ago.

Soon, Disney hopes to strike success for a third time with another attraction-inspired movie, this time a remake of The Haunted Mansion. The Hollywood Reporter initially broke the news of the franchise’s reboot in 2020, and it was officially confirmed that Disney had plans to give one of their most popular rides within the park the cinematic treatment (again). Here is what we know about The Haunted Mansion remake so far.

The full storyline behind the updated take on The Haunted Mansion has yet to be fully divulged, but an idea of what to expect can be found within the published synopsis. Reportedly, the film will center around a family who inhabits a haunted manor and follow their experience with supernatural forces. Gabbie, a single mother, hires a trio of experts (a historian/professor, a psychic medium, and a priest) in hopes that they can successfully exorcise their mansion after learning that it is a haunted estate. It is expected that the film will set itself in the French Quarters of New Orleans, as the ride itself can be found in New Orleans Square at Disneyland.
Justin Simien of Dear White People and Bad Hair is set to direct the film, effectively marking the director’s first big-budget feature. He will direct the screenplay written by Katie Dippold, and, what’s more, the story will not be related whatsoever to Eddie Murphy’s The Haunted Mansion from 2003. Indeed, Murphy’s film did not fare well with audiences or critics, despite the ongoing popularity of the Disneyland ride. This is the first film based on a Disney attraction that has been rebooted, and by the details shared about what to expect, it seems to have significant differences from its predecessor.

Who are the Stars of The Haunted Mansion?

The cast of The Haunted Mansion is quickly racking up big names to star in the film. Owen Wilson, fresh off of his run on Loki and The French Dispatch, will step into the film as “Priest.” Joining him will be Danny DeVito as a character described as a “smug professor” or “historian.” DeVito’s last Disney appearance was in Tim Burton’s Dumbo as Max Medici. Disney newcomers Lakeith Stanfield and Tiffany Haddish are also part of the growing ensemble. Stanfield will be featured as a tour guide who ushers guests through the mansion, and Haddish will take on the role of a psychic who has been hired to reach out to the spirits of the dead. Rosario Dawson has been billed among the cast per IMDb’s reporting, and it can be assumed that she may be playing the woman who hires Stanfield for the tour of the mansion.

When Will The Haunted Mansion Remake hit Theaters?

No exact release date has been attached to The Haunted Mansion, even with its initial announcement of production being over a year ago. Principle photography was originally set to have taken place in October 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia, but due to the continuation of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it remains difficult to gauge a shooting schedule. If production runs smooth enough to the point where the film experiences no delays, setbacks, or other issues, it is expected that The Haunted Mansion could arrive as early as October 2022, specifically, around Halloween. Considering the instability of shooting schedules, however, there’s a higher chance that Disney could aim to release the film in mid-to-late 2023, depending on how quickly the shooting and post-production process move along. It’s ideal that Disney is to determine a time slot where The Haunted Mansion isn’t faced with any box office competition, even from Disney themselves.