X-Force Movie In The Works

X-Force Movie In The Works


Great news Marvel Superhero fans because we just heard that the long awaited, in limbo, X-Force Movie is In The Works!!!

Flip and get the details on the next Marvel movie X-Force…

X-Force Movie In The Works

There have been rumors of an X-Force movie for years now, but with films like Deadpool, X-Men:Apocalypse, Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine, and the New Mutants film taking priority, but no worries an X-Force project is back in development at Fox!

Yes, Yeeas, Yeeeaass!

We are all aware that Hugh Jackman is on his farewell tour as Wolverine, the new X Force movie will likely feature a new version of our favorite adamantium-clawed mutant. There was rumors that a female Wolverine would be in developement and it appears to be coming true. Word is, the new Wolverine could possibly end up being Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23, Logan’s female clone?

Cool, right?

According to Bryan Singer, it could be. When Fandango asked the X-Men: Apocalypse director if he had any involvement with the project, he shared:

“I have discussed that with the studio. I actually initially pitched the X Force and the female.”

Does that mean X-23 is a shoe-in for the new movie? Not necessarily. Singer explained to Fandango that his involvement in the Force film is only on the “idea level” at this time.

Nerdist reports:

That little Days of Future Past movie (and now Apocalypse) kind of took him away from X-Force planning, so who knows if the inclusion of X-23 will go beyond his initial pitch. Singer’s next project will be an updated 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, he may end up serving as a producer instead. However, Singer did confirm that the X-Force movie is officially back in the works, and Simon Kinberg will be tackling the script.

Are you an X-Force fan?

What do you think of X-23 replacing Hugh Jackmans X Force movies? Wolverine is a big part of them?

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