XMen Apocalypse’s Quicksilver Gets Erratic Sequel Sequence



Remember the incredible Quicksilver speed of light scene in Days of Future Past , well XMen Apocalypse’s Quicksilver Gets Erratic Sequel Sequence!!!

CelebNMovies247.com is excited for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, especially after hearing what Evan Peters Describes what Quicksilver does in the new movie…

Quicksilver erratic sequence

Did you hear,  X-Men Apocalypse’s Quicksilver Gets Erratic Sequel Sequence?

We all know that the Quicksilver sequence in Days of Future Past became the highlight of the entire movie, and Evan Peters’ performance was hailed as an energetic, spot-on interpretation of the comics mutant.

Well CelebNMovies247.com has great news for X-Men fans because the Bryan Singer-helmed sequel X-Men: Apocalypse is said to top the first film’s incredible “Time in a Bottle” scene.

Back in 2014 Simon Kinberg confirms not only will Quicksilver pop up in X-Men: Apocalypse, he’ll have a bigger, juicier part to play than he did in his first appearance in this movie universe.

He said:

“The plan was to use him in the next X-Men movie and have him expand his part and grow into the franchise. That was the thought. But now people have seen the movie and he’s one of the most beloved things in the film universally, there’s no question that he’s going to be a big part of the next movie… Hopefully we can do more some unique things with his powers, and go a little deeper with the character too.”

When I visited the Montreal set of X-Men: Apocalypse last summer, the cast and crew were fairly guarded about what, specifically, the new Quicksilver sequence entails, but Evan Peters did have high praise for the team involved in bringing the scene to life:

Peters explains:

“I think that’s been the hardest thing. Can we top it? They did such a fucking awesome job. The special effects team is amazing. Bryan Schmears over at Second Unit, everybody just made that whole sequence awesome, I thought. I was just a minion. They just told me what to do so I didn’t really have much to do with it but I was curious to see how they were going to top it and if they could and I think they have. I’m very excited to see it myself. I’m excited for everybody to see it because we’ve been working hard on it.”

Evan, who worked on the new scene on and off during the entire production—30 days in total, adds:

“Most of it is on stages and great stunt guys and just working it all out. It’s very meticulous and tedious work, which is … I kind of like that actually. You kind of do it and then you go back and check it out and see if it worked. You go back and do it again and do it a little differently. It’s kind of fun. I like it a lot.”


Peters reveals what the new sequence entailed and that they approached it like a sequel.

He Continues:

“It’s like a sequel. I don’t know any other way to put it. You take elements that worked in the past and then you add-on to them and try to make them better. It’s similar but different and better. That’s what you always try to do I think for the sequel and hopefully we’ve done that. I think it’s really cool. You guys know it was a lot of slow motion and stop where people were stopped. They’re doing that again and it’s fucking cool, man. You’re mesmerized watching it. Just the slow motion of it all. That phantom camera is like insanity dude. What we’ve been able to accomplish with technology and just being able to watch things in a different way is so cool. It doesn’t matter what we really do as long as you add that phantom camera on there… Obviously mixed with the special effects talents then it becomes something really sweet.”

In terms of specifically filming the close-up portions of the scene, Peters described what’s involved:

Quicksilver aka Peters concludes:

“That one was kind of like a Go Pro situation but with a full camera. They had this setup where it was this metal bar, right, and then the camera was on there and then behind me they had this metal bar coming out and then sand bags on that to counterbalance the weight so it was intense. I’m sitting there just going like this (moves arms back and forth) because they didn’t want to have me run on a treadmill because I probably would have ate it and broken the camera and it’s all liability… . It was just me moving my arms but I’ll tell you what, they shoot against these green screens and they fill it in later and it is just unbelievable.”

What do you think about XMen Apocalypse’s Quicksilver Gets Erratic Sequel Sequence?

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