Young Han Solo Movie Officially Filming

Young Han Solo Movie Officially Filming


Now that the Star Wars Universe has been established as a successful venture with Rogue One: A Star Wars standalone movie, the stage is set. As of today, Young Han Solo Movie Officially Filming!!!

Read more on the Young Han Solo movie officially filming under an alias…

Young Han Solo Movie Officially Filming

If you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you may notice a sign that says “Red Cup.” That means you’ve stumbled upon the Young Han Solo location.

Cool, right?

Well, don’t think about doing a pop on on location on the next anthology on the docket. We’re talking the Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s young Han Solo movie, which stars Alden Ehrenreich, the Millennium Falcon captain. Young Han Solo is packet with young Hollywood superstars on the rise, like Globes Award winning actor/director Donald Glover (Lando Calrissian), who is rumored NOT to have read his script yet.

Emilia Clarke (the mysterious female lead), and Woody Harrelson (Han’s mentor, who may or may not be Garris Shrike). The film is currently planned for a May 2018 premiere, but it could shift to December.

Back in December, Kathleen Kennedy had mentioned February 2017 as the start date. Last week Harrelson stated his onscreen moments won’t state until March. Well, things are officially underway. The Han Solo anthology is now officially in production.

Director Chris Miller broke the news himself, posting a picture on Twitter paying homage to the famous “Han shot first” saying (notice the working title – Red Cup). – Seen above

We’ve got a long way to go until Red Cup/Solo/Untitled Young Han Solo Movie hits the movie screen. Currently the target date of May 2018 is going as planned, but don’t be surprised if it gets moved to December.

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