Why Younger Season 4 Has Us Locked in

Why Younger Season 4 Has Us Locked in

OMG, Did you see the season 4 premiere of Younger on TV Land last night? It was CRA-A-AZY GOOD!

We don’t want to give too much away, but this is what happened after we left off with Liza Miller (Sutton Foster) and Kelsey Peters (Hilary Duff). Read on…

Why Younger Season 4 Has Us Locked in

CelebNMovies247.com is HOOKED on YOUNGER! We love the series, so you’ve got us talking this season.

  • Ok, So Liza, the 40-something mom, and Kelsey, her millennial BFF and co-worker had a sit down. This is after Josh (Nico Tortorella) caught her kissing on her book-publishing Boss hottie Charles Brooks (Peter Hermann).
  • Liza finally revealed that she was in her 40s and has lied about her age, having a daughter and more. Kelsey was left in shock.
  • Liza feels that a great weight is off her shoulders, but Kelsey is a bit unforgiving. She leaves Liza place and ventures to find a place to live. See, last season Kelsey got her walking papers from Lauren Heller (Molly Bernard), her 20 something bestie who got married and needed her space back.

This season of Younger, the drama is OVER THE TOP!


  • Anyways, Liza goes to work and attempts to spill the tea, but Kelsey saves the day. The lady she works for, Diana Trout (Miriam Shor) is furious that Liza is just being a typical 20 something millennial.
  • Later, Kelsey is PISSED about Liza signing the writer for EW, so she has a sitdown to tell her is she doesn’t put Liza and Kelsey in the 29 and under list she will be exposed. See, Kelsey may hate liza right now, but she still wants to help her create a new 20 something image. Its NOT for friendship, its for her brand, since its supposed to be lead by to millennials. If the news leaks, the Brand is ruined. Lauren helps to create her social presences.
  • Besides all this drama, Charles is still hung up on Liza, so he asks her to a Hemingway showing. Of course, she says yes, because she is feeling Charles.
  • While Liza is out with Charles, Kelsey is at the bar trying to figure out where she is going to stay after she answered an add for a roomie that was an epic fail.
  • BOOM, Kelsey spots Josh, who tries to walkaway. He comes over to her, the two talk and when Kelsey reveals that she knows everything the two hit it off.
  • Later Liza and Kelsey are at the Top 29 Successful women under 29 party. She is confronted by the EW writer who tells her “game on.” Charles pulls a pop up, but Liza is guilt ridden. Later when they leave, Liza tells Kelsey thank you for forgiving her, but she replies back saying, “You broke my heart and I don’t think I can ever forgive you.”
  • Kelsey leaves in Lauren’s Uber. Lauren then walks up to Kelsey and asks if she knows where Kelsey lives, Liza says no. They track the Uber on her phone and find out that Kelsey went to Josh’s house.

On this episode, Kristin Chenoweth guest stars in the first episode as a Kellyanne Conway–esque spin doctor), with a light touch that’s never so light as to insult the intelligence. We just found her totally annoying!


OMG, right? This premiere was too much. My heart was pounding, and now I’m thirsting for more. You have to watch Younger on TV Land next Wednesday at 10pm,