Hellraiser Reboot Finds Its Director And Writers

Hellraiser Reboot Finds Its Director And Writers

Hellraiser Reboot Finds Its Director And Writers!

For all you horror movie fans, you will be happy to hear that Hellraiser is getting a reboot. Not only that, things are moving forward since the Hellraiser reboot has found its director And writers. Read on for more about the Hellraiser reboot…

CelebNMovies247.com reports that Spyglass is about to breathe new life into ol’ Pinhead with a fresh incarnation of Hellraiser.

Of course, like reboots its a “reimagination” of the 1987 classic of the same name, it’s even received the blessing of the legendary Clive Barker.

That alone is HUGE!

According to reports the creative team is now coming together and apparently Spyglass has snagged director David Bruckner (Night House, The Ritual) to helm, while Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski are on script duties.

That alone is a solid combination of talent, then, and one that’ll surely attract a decent cast.

As for the cast, no names have been attached yet, but with the director and writers now in place, you can expect that to change soon.

The Hellraiser reboot is being touted as a “dark and visceral” reimagining of those creepy Cenobites.

Fans will know that horror remakes/reboots/rebootquels are always a tricky proposition. We are hoping that this film reigns supreme and wins like Halloween did in 2018. Bottom line, its gonna come down to cast, script and scares, as well as pushing the envelope to freak everyone out.

Remember “Pain is Pleasure” because Pinhead “will tare your soul apart.”

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