Will Smith May Lose Iconic Role to Dwayne Johnson

Will Smith May Lose Iconic Role to Dwayne Johnson!

The Chris Rock slap continues to haunt Will Smith weeks after as Hollywood shows how high school they really are. If the cool kids shut the door on a celebrity, they all shut the door in fear of being cancelled as well. Basically no one has a spin in Hollywood. Sorry to be so blunt, but its the truth.

So Disney is about to ruin the follow up film to Aladdin by recasting the Gennie role with Dwayne Johnson. No offense to The Rock, but he is NOT that strong of an actor to make the role have multiple levels like Will Smith…

CelebnMovies247.com and CelebnMusic247.com report that Johnson, who has been part of many blockbuster movies, is also rumored to be replacing Will Smith in Disney’s Aladdin Sequel (per Giant Freakin Robot). Will Smith was phenomenal as Genie. However, the Oscar incident may cause him to lose his role.

Following the incident on Oscar night where he slapped Chris Rock, several Smith-related projects have been postponed or canceled.

The Rock appeared in several Disney films (like Jungle Cruise Moana, and Race to Witch Mountain), and once again he might be working with them. Johnson’s career as an actor has been thriving since he has consistently delivered exceptional performances. He is also set to be featured in his first comic verse film, Black Adam, and if the news of The Genie is true, it is a testament to Johnson’s superstardom.

Dwayne Johnson has delivered some of the best action movies during his acting career. And he needs to stay right there, in action!