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Last updated: Septemeber 18, 2014:

CelebNMusic247.com gives readers celebrity news straight from the celebs to headline news. We give you the story just like the artists tells it. No Cuts, No Edits, Just Real Talk Real News from the celebs voice to the page. We are Celebrity, Music and Reality TV News and more!

Are you a diehard fan of celebrity, music and reality TV news?

CelebNMusic247.com is the go-to source for you to get all your entertainment news, rumors and exclusives. CelebNMusic247.com was conceived by its owner who believes Entertainment News needs a voice that speaks from the riff, giving readers straight forward news without all the twists and misdirection’s that many media outlets do.

About US: Unlike the rest CelebNMusic247 keeps readers informed telling the story just like the artists wants it. No cuts, no edits, just real straight talk from the celebs voice to the page. The site was established in 2012, by Emilio Ricci, an associate producer of TV talk shows and film. Our mission is to tell the story like it is, from a pop culture point of view. Our writer’s tell the story with relatable icons in today’s culture and society. We tell news straight up not stirred and may even tickle your funny bone.

Bad news is hard to take in, so sometime a little humor helps to soften the blow, but we still give readers the full story. We are a celebrity news source that speaks to influential readers 18 – 44. Working daily CelebNMusic247 brings up to the minute celebrity and music news 24/7.

What does CelebNMusic247.com cover?

Celebrity, Movie Reviews and News, Music Minute, Reality TV Recaps and TV News, Fashion Trends, Hip Hop, Rock and Pop News and Sports.

Our specialty areas are:

Hotspots (Music Festivals), The Perfection Files, Shoe Porn, Celebrity Exclusives & Interviews. We give readers what they want in Hollywood Entertainment and the music industry.

Our motto:“Celebs Are Cool Right?” #CelebsAreCoolRight

Who do we work with?

We are located in Los Angeles with East Coast affiliates ready to cover everything in celebrity, movies, music, reality TV, fashion, festivals, sports, award shows and more on both coasts.

We work with the best in Hollywood Entertainment. Includes: MTV, Vh1, BET, CMT, Logo, Bravo, Paramount Pictures, Sony Entertainment, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Tha Urban, Anderson Group, Front Page, RLJ Entertainment, Summit Entertainment LLC, Media Fix Network, NVMediaGroup and more.

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