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The Woods Is Actually Blair Witch 3

The Woods Is Actually A Secret Blair Witch Sequel

Just when you thought the Blair Witch Project was over after the second film, it returns to the screen. After 16 years it’s back with a third installment called The Woods!!!

Get more details on The Woods (the secret Blair Witch sequel) and watch one of the scariest trailers since Lights Out…

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James Bond 007

James Bond will Return But NOT Until 2018

As RUMOR still swirl that Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba and Kit Harington are all in the running to play 007, The studio has announced that James Bond will Return But NOT Until 2018!!!

Get more details on James Bond returning in 2018 and if Daniel Craig will reprise the role of James…

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TRAILERS: Hands of Stone - La La Land - Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Snowden

TRAILERS: Snowden – Hands of Stone – La La Land – Jack Reacher 2

Are you ready for another round of movie trailers because we have Snowden, Hands of Stone, La La Land, and Jack Reacher 2 in this round!!!

Flip and watch new trailers from Snowden, Hands of Stone, La La Land and Jack Reacher 2…

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