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Zootopia Unveils New Zootropolis Posters

Zootopia Unveils New Zootropolis Posters! The Walt Disney Animation Studios is back again!!!

This time Disney is expanding with Zootropois posters to enhance the films characters about animals and change starting with you!!! has the new Zootopia Zootropolis Posters on the flip…

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Labyrinth Remake

Labyrinth Remake In The Works

Yes, It’s True, A Labyrinth Remake In The Works! The entertainment world lost one of the greatest voices, David Bowie. He was Labyrinth!!!

Bowie, best known for his music and role in Labyrinth as the manipulative Goblin King is getting a reboot. has the latest details on the Labyrinth Remake on the flip…

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XMen Apocalypse’s Quicksilver Gets Erratic Sequel Sequence


Remember the incredible Quicksilver speed of light scene in Days of Future Past , well XMen Apocalypse’s Quicksilver Gets Erratic Sequel Sequence!!! is excited for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, especially after hearing what Evan Peters Describes what Quicksilver does in the new movie…

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