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Deadpool Officially A Rated R Marvel Movie

All the marketing for Deadpool so far has made it abundantly clear that this isn’t your typical PG-13, Deadpool Officially A Rated R Marvel Movie!!! has the details on the flip and the mouthy red band trailer for old time sake…

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The 2016 Oscar Nominations Announced

The Oscar Nominations Announced for the 88th Annual Academy Awards which were announced this morning and the buzz is about Leo!!! has the details and the complete list of nominees for the 2016 Oscars. Find out who got snubbed and which movies didn’t make best motion picture….

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Elizabeth Banks Making Mrs. Claus Movie

Over the years, we seemed to have missed the view of Christmas from Santa’s other half, so Elizabeth Banks Making Mrs. Claus Movie.

Yes, Banks will be bringing Christmas from a woman’s prospective. has learned that Elizabeth Banks appears to have found an oversight and is ready to fulfill the gaps and bring us a new take from Mrs. Claus.

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