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Kerry Washington To Play Deadpool's Domino

Kerry Washington To Play Deadpool’s Domino

It’s about to get Scandalous! Deadpool might just have found its Domino since Kerry Washington is in the running for the some-time mercenary mutant who has the power to alter probability!!!

Read more on Kerry Washington standing out as the front runner to star alongside Ryan Reynolds as Domino in Deadpool 2

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Jason Momoa Says "Aquaman Is Out of The World"

Jason Momoa Says “Aquaman Is Out of This World”

Now that The Flash and Batman have lost their directors, Could Aquaman be the savior to the DC Extended Universe for Warner Bros. Unlike Marvel, Warner Bros. has has a bit of a bumpy road with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

Both films suffered harsh criticism in the box office. The studio is banking on Wonder Woman to change that this summer and Aquaman next year. Read more on Jason Momoa in Aquaman…

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Mel Gibson In Talks To Direct Suicide Squad 2

Mel Gibson In Talks To Direct Suicide Squad 2

Just when you thought this wouldn’t happen, Mel Gibson is in talks to direct the DC Comic live action movie Suicide Squad 2!!!

We can just hear the uproar with DC Comics fans who are definitely not happy about the Mel Gibson news…

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