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Deadpool 2

Will Deadpool Have A Boyfriend in Part 2

There is some inside chatter that Deadpool 2 might have Wade Winston Wilson love interest be a man instead of a woman the next go around?!?

Get the inside details of what we are hearing about the upcoming Deadpool 2 movie on the flip…

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X-Force Movie In The Works

X-Force Movie In The Works

Great news Marvel Superhero fans because we just heard that the long awaited, in limbo, X-Force Movie is In The Works!!!

Flip and get the details on the next Marvel movie X-Force…

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transformers 5

Transformers 5 Title Revealed in First Look Teaser Trailer

Next year Transformers 5 will be hitting the big screen but before you jump ahead, Paramount Pictures has the First Look Teaser Trailer for Transformers 5!!!

Flip and see the new Transformers 5 teaser trailer…

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