Are You Prepared For Moonfall

Are You Prepared For Roland Emmerich Moonfall

If you saw Roland Emmerich film, Independence Day: Resurgence, then you know it was terrible, but are you Prepared For Roland Emmerich next project, Moonfall?

Flip and get more details on Roland Emmerich new project Moonfall…

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Deadpool 2 Producer Pressures Allegedly Caused Fatal Stunt

Deadpool 2 Begins Filming Early 2017

We all know that Marvel’s first R Rated live action hero movie KICK @SS bringing in big numbers in the box office and now we just got word Deadpool 2 Begins Filming Early 2017!!!

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Independence Day Resurgence review

Independence Day Resurgence Completely Dissapoints

When we first heard about Independence Day Resurgence we were ecstatic, and then we saw it and all we have to say it Independence Day Resurgence completely disappoints!!!

Flip and get the FULL review on Independence Day Resurgence….

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