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Superman Black Suit Scenes, Who Kathleen Kennedy Wants? Ocean's Eight

BITES: Ocean’s Eight, Superman Black Suit Scenes, Who Kathleen Kennedy Wants

Here are three things everyone is talking about when it comes to movie news this week. With Star Wars The Last Jedi days away, Kathleen Kennedy has her eyes set on a certain someone to direct a Star Wars movie.

Then there is the all female Ocean’s Eight, but Sandra Bullock says it’s not a reboot. Meanwhile, everyone is wondering what happened to Zack Snyder’s Superman Black Suit Scenes? Read on…

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Sandra Bullock + Cate Blanchett Ocean's Eight Gets Release Date

All-Female Cast Ocean’s Eight Get Release Date

In case you may have forgotten the all-female spinoff of Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Eight starring Sandra Bullock gets a summer 2018 release date!!!

Flip and get all the details on the upcoming All-Female Cast Ocean’s Eight starring Sandra Bullock…

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