17 Horror Movie Franchises To Scare You For Halloween

17 Horror Movie Franchises To Scare You For Halloween

This Halloween it’s time to visit some old friends in horror?

CelebNMovies247.com feels its time for everyone to go back to the beginning, to the roots of horror and see how some of your favorite franchises started.

If you are feeling extra courageous why NOT binge and watch all the movies in each of the 17 franchise films we are suggesting. Continue on if you dare to see 17 horror movie franchises…

CelebNMovies247.com has some great classics for you and some horror movies that are NOT too old.

We surely recommend a blanket, some popcorn and a loved one to hold on too. And, just remember you have to start with the original and go through each film franchise in order.

It’s time to watch all 17 Horror Movie Franchises trailers and pick your winner to watch on Halloween.

Here are our 17 Horror Movie Franchises To Scare You For Halloween:

17. Alien:

16. The Evil Dead (Watch all and the Remake)

15. The Grudge:

14. Jeepers Creepers:

13. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Note the best one is with Jennifer Beal)

12. Paranormal Activity:

11. The Strangers:

10. Final Destination:

9. Sinister:

8. Scream:

7. The Purge:

6. Incidious:

5. Friday The 13:

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street:

3. The Conjuring:

2. Halloween:

1. Saw:

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