18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots

It appears that the 90s are the next big thing when it comes to Hollywood’s NOT so creativity.

Yes, 18 classic 90s movies are getting reboots. Read on to see which ones are coming back to the big screen with a not so new take on a classic film that worked…

CelebNMovies247.com reports that Hollywood is moving forward with 18 classic 90s movies that we all loved.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots18. Four Weddings and a Funeral:

One of his biggest hits at the box office was Four Weddings and a Funeral.

It’s no surprise a remake is in the works at Hulu, with Mindy Kaling and Matt Warburton attached as writers.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots17. The Sandlot:

On the movie’s 25th anniversary, director David Mickey revealed how a young writer named Austin Reynolds inspired him to breathe new life into the franchise, with the pair co-writing a prequel to the iconic baseball film.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots16. Starship Troopers:

Columbia Pictures announced it is rebooting the 1997 sci-fi Starship Troopers and has reportedly snapped up Baywatch writers Mark Swift and Damian Shannon to pen the script.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots15. American Psycho:

The movie that put Christian Bale on the map is returning. With Trump’s America in full force, what better time to give Bret Easton Ellis’ yuppy horror a revisit. It’s understandable that Lionsgate’s do-over has outraged the fans, but one person who’s stoked about it is the author himself.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots14. She’s All That:

Those behind the remake of the original 1999 romcom have a hefty job on their hands. Hopefully, the studio can remake this film and do it justice because the original worked just fine.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots13. High Fidelity

Man, this is going to be a tough one to redo. The heartbreak movie for people who used music to get through bad break-ups, High Fidelity starred John Cusack as a record store owner reflecting on his failed romances.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots12. The Craft:

Hopefully, they make this movie better and NOT worse. The original is created, but the credit goes to the cast. We hope that Hollywood can do justice to the original movie. The Craft was a defining film of the ’90s. The goth teen weirdo within you will be stoked to know that a sequel is on the way, which will take place two decades after the events of the first film. Writer Daniel Casey did say that a script was submitted late last year.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots11. I Know What You Did Last Summer:

The horror movie that defined the late 90s is returning with a new heroine. Jason Blum recently expressing interest in resurrecting Jim Gillespie’s 1997 slasher. Because as the film taught us, some things don’t stay buried forever.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots10.?Indecent Proposal:

An ultimate classic 90s movie is also getting a Hollywood remake. Paramount Players has hired The Girl on the Train’s writer to pen the script of an Indecent Proposal remake. The 1993 original starred Robert Redford as a billionaire who offers David (Woody Harrelson) one million dollars to spend a night with his wife, Diana (Demi Moore).

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots9. Mulan:

Mulan joins the live-action remakes. Disney’s 1998 Mulan was ahead of its time for many reasons, so it’s no surprise the film is getting a live-action remake from the House of Mouse.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots8. Hocus Pocus:

The Disney Channel is remaking the cult classic Hocus Pocus without the fabulous trio Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker or Kathy Najimy.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots7. Sister Act:

Heading for a movie remake bomb, Sister Act is also getting a remake. But thie movie is committing blasphemy by leaving out the show’s main stars. Yes, Whoopi Goldberg is starring, but she’s only got a cameo.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots6. Aladdin:

Another Disney animated movie is getting a Live-action remake. The House of Mouse will introduce viewers to a whole new world of adventures upon its release on May 24, 2019. Directed by Guy Ritchie and featuring the talents of Will Smith, Billy Magnussen, Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots5. White Men Can’t Jump:

Black-ish creator Kenya Barris is teaming up with athletes Blake Griffin and Ryan Kalil to make a new version of the 1992 sleeper hit comedy, about a pair of con artists who team up to hustle opponents in Los Angeles.

4. Jacob’s Ladder:

The psychological horror Jacob’s Ladder didn’t exactly kill it in the box office, but its disturbing storyline, twisted imagery, and a phenomenal cast led the film to become a cult classic. Maybe this time around the movie will be a lot better?

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots3. Cube:

Lionsgate is behind the modern take on the film and Prometheus screenwriter Jon Spaihts is attached to the project. Despite its low budget, Vincenzo Natali’s 1997 psychological thriller was a smart and unsettling watch that made the most out of its single location setting. Though its sequel and prequel didn’t quite match the first, Hollywood bosses want to give the franchise another run.

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots2. Ace Ventura

Last year Deadline confirmed that Morgan Creek Productions was making a major content push, with Ace Ventura at the top of its list. While the company’s founder James G Robinson has invited Carrey to reprise his role, there’s a level of apprehension over whether a reboot is wanted or even necessary

18 Classic 90s Movies Getting Reboots1. Clueless

We were totally buggin’ at the news that Clueless looks set to get a remake. Though it’s still early days, Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver is producing and Glow writer Marquita Robinson is penning the script.

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