8 Perfect Horror Movies For Halloween

The Perfect Horror Movie Lineup For Halloween

What are you doing for Halloween?

Have you carved the pumpkins? Did you decorate the house? Are you taking the kids trick or treating? Will you be partying the night away in costume?

If the answer is NO to the above questions and all you want to do is eat popcorn and candy while watching a night filled with horror movies and thrillers we have the perfect line up.

Here are our 8 Perfect Horror Movies for Halloween

CelebNMusic247.com thinks that you should start around 1 pm in the afternoon and work your way up from light scare to omg I can’t look.

We have stacked 16 hours of NON-STOP Screams, scares, and OMG moments to laugh about at work if you watch with friends. Something we highly recommend. Invite a few friends over and take them on a night of horror, thrills, drinks, and fun.

Check out our 8 Perfect Horror Movies for Halloween:

11:00 AM – Happy Death Day

We suggest, Happy Death Day because its fun with the right mix of scare and comedy.

1:00 PM – Get Out

Get Out is that perfect dinner hour movie, it’s interesting, yet packs a punch.

3:00 PM – Truth or Dare

This is the perfect happy hour movie, you can get tipsy will playing drinking games and why not, do your own round of Truth or Dare to make it interesting. We dare you.

5:00 PM – A Quiet Place

Our pick for Oscar this year, A Quiet Place is a perfect movie to scare you. Its intense, thrilling and has all the parts of a great horror movie.

7:00 PM – The Strangers: Prey at Night

This sequel is exactly what you want on Halloween and few killers preying on the innocent because there was nothing better to do.

9:00 PM – Slender Man

There is nothing scarier than a folklore that becomes your worst nightmare.

11:00 PM – The First Purge

This is for the diehards that just want something fun, yet has a cool premise filled with a twisted mindset. It more thrills and that what if this was real. It has all the gore you want.

1:00 AM – Hereditary

This movie takes you on edge. Its psychological, creepy and take horror to an all new level of “I can’t believe this is happening.”

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