Blumhouse’s The Hunt Gets a New Release Date and Trailer

Blumhouse's The Hunt Gets a New Release Date and Trailer

Blumhouse’s The Hunt Gets a New Release Date and Trailer!

Remember last summer Blumhouse’s The Hunt was set to release and then the movie was pulled and all promotion was removed?

Well, it appears The Hunt is back on and coming to a theater near you. Read on and watch the latest trailer and when it will be hitting theaters… reports that Blumhouse’s controversial new thriller The Hunt was previously pulled from release after several mass shootings took place across the United States.

At the time of its cancelation, Universal claimed that they would be releasing the movie at a later date. But they didn’t know when that would be. Well, now we have an answer along with a new trailer.

The Hunt, which follows a group of ‘deplorable’ being hunted by the wealthy elite, will finally hit theaters on a very apt release date.

But no worries since The Hunt will make its big-screen debut on March 13, 2020. Friday the 13th, what a perfect day.

So, Hilary Swank, you will finally get the chance to see an angrier side of the beloved actress. The best part about The Hunt is that the movie had Donald Trump very upset. Aww, so sad. 🙁 Sorry, not Sorry!

Universal included a new trailer and poster along with the new release date, which is sure to bring even more controversy to the table.

The Studio is gearing to piss off a few parties and a bunch of white people and their orange leader Trump. They are even selling their new thriller as such:

The most talked about movie of the year is one nobody’s seen yet.

Blumhouse's The Hunt Gets a New Release Date and Trailer

Their new poster features quotes from various outraged parties, along with the image of a dirty root pig whose snout is covered in mud. The top of the poster gloriously revels in the controversy, shouting, ‘A Disturbance to Our Country.’ Which is taken from the online entertainment news site Deadline. Fox News says, ‘Shows Hollywood for what it really is, demented and evil.’

We hope this movie is everything is sought out to be.

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