Bruce Willis Fights To Survive The Night Trailer

Bruce Willis Fights To Survive The Night Trailer

Bruce Willis Fights To Survive The Night Trailer!

Lionsgate has released the first look trailer of Survive The Night and it is the perfect action thriller to watch since the entire world appears to be on lock-down. Continue on and watch Bruce Willis fighting in a first look at Survive The Night Trailer… has you first look at Survive The Night Trailer, Willis latest action thriller venturing into the realm of home invasion thrillers.

If you’ve seen Hostage with Bruce, then you already know what to expect from Mr. Death Wish himself.

Lionsgate’s Survive the Night sees the action great square off against two criminals who threaten his family.

It’s due to release digitally on May 22nd, and has been rated R for “violence, bloody images, and language throughout.” Put simply: it’s an old-school thriller starring Bruce Willis as its lead character, and People has today relayed the debut trailer. We can’t embed it here, unfortunately, but you can check it out via the link below.


Bruce Willis plays Frank, a retired sheriff forced to rely on his former job’s skills when two criminals on the run threaten the lives of those closest to him. After his brother Mathias (Olson) is mortally wounded in a botched robbery, Jamie (Buckner) stalks trauma doctor Rich (Murray) from the hospital to his home. Jamie proceeds to hold Rich’s wife and daughter hostage as he orders Rich to operate on his brother. This doesn’t sit well with Rich who teams up with his estranged father, Frank, to ensure his family’s safety.

Matt Eskandari (12 Feet Deep) is the director behind the lens on this one, while we understand Willis will be sharing the screen with Chad Michael Murray, Tyler Jon Olson and Shea Buckner. Sure, it may not garner the buzz of a new Die Hard movie (few things in this life ever do), but this is still a Bruce Willis-starring thriller that harkens back to the days of Hostage. So until the next coming of John McClane, we’ll make do with some good old-fashioned thrills and spills.

Survive the Night will premiere digitally on May 22nd.


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