Captain Marvel 2 Reportedly Sets Up The New Avengers

Captain Marvel 2 Reportedly Sets Up The New Avengers

Captain Marvel 2 Reportedly Sets Up The New Avengers!

As we previously reported Marvel recently postponed every movie in Phase 4 and set new release dates for them, including Captain Marvel 2, which will now premiere in July 2022. With that said it hasn’t stopped folks on the internet from speculating about the sequel’s story. Read on because we have some new tea about Captain Marvel 2 setting up the new Avengers… reports with Avengers: Endgame bringing the Infinity Saga to a definitive close, all eyes are now on Marvel and Kevin Feige to see what big event they’ll embark upon next.

With that said it only makes sense that there has to be a Marvel movie to bring it back to the New Avengers.

And we have some new intel from MCU Cosmic who claims that Captain Marvel 2 will actually set up the next Avengers event, much like Captain America: Civil War put the characters in their respective places for the beginning of Infinity War.

Basically it will be just like how the Russo brothers handled both films, the director helming CM2 will likely do Avengers 5 as well.

Which is more interesting is the fact that Marvel may want to have Captain Marvel lead the new team of Avengers, filling in for the role that Tony Stark and Steve Rogers played on the original team.

It makes sense, too. With the Mouse House pushing for more inclusivity towards female characters and even giving them their own solo movies. This makes sense since we all noticed in the end of Avengers Endgame Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers establishes herself as the leader of the Avengers in Captain Marvel 2.

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