Cold Brook Film Review: An Enjoyable Small Town Supernatural Mystery

Cold Brook Film Review: An Enjoyable Small Town Supernatural Mystery

TV and film star William Fichtner (Black Hawk Down, Armageddon, Prison Break, Mom) pens, directs and stars in Cold Brook a film that follows two ordinary guys in a small town who embark on an extraordinary adventure.

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Cold Brook is a movie that has that “what it that happened” factor. The film is an enjoyable story of discovery and interest.

Though the film is low key, a teed bit long-winded with its scenes, it keeps you engaged and wanting to know what will happen. William Fichtner plays Ted Markham who works with his friend George Hildebrandt (Kim Coates), who are two maintenance workers and what they experience late one night in a small liberal arts college. The film also stars Mary Ann (Robin Weigert, Deadwood) and Rachel (Mary Lynn Rajskub, 24), who play their wives in Cold Brook.

What to Expect from Cold Brook:

Filmed in his hometown of Buffalo Cold Brook has a little bit of everything you would want in a mellow drama. It combines dramatic, comedic and supernatural elements that occasionally gives the moviegoer charming moments, but there are minor moments throughout the film that just makes you feel good.

Cold Brook Film Review: An Enjoyable Small Town Supernatural Mystery

Cold Brook Story:

Overall the film keeps your interest, but it tends to lack that moment of pure intensity when they experience the appearance of Gil Le Deux (Harold Perrineau) a man who is standing in front of the exhibition devoted to The Bernadine, a ship that sunk in 1857. When Ted Markham and George Hildebrandt ask the man to leave, he is startled and quickly leaves. The two men chase after him and run outside looking for a man. Ted and Hilde’s exploits are captured on camera by some students and become local heroes after the video goes viral on social media. From there a television news report breathlessly describes them as “a couple of maintenance workers turned crime stoppers.” Both men were just living, working and getting old until something extraordinary happens. Ted and George are invigorated by the supernatural experience and are driven to find out what is going on in their town. They have a new purpose as and stardom that gives new meaning to their lives.

Our Feelings Towards the Film:

Despite the intent of the film, we have just one problem with the movie is when they describe the man, they make it a big deal because he is a “black man.” It just comes off a bit much, but we realize the film is predominately a white area and that is just the mindset. Shortly after the men become hometown heroes, they discover what is really going on and the film becomes a historical mystery to solve. As we said, the film is an enjoyable mellow drama that remains steady and slow but achieves its goal in storytelling.

Cold Brook Film Review: An Enjoyable Small Town Supernatural Mystery

Production Notes:

Production companies: Anamorphic Media, Roadrunner, Trilight Entertainment
Distributor: Vertical Entertainment
Cast: William Fichtner, Kim Coates, Harold Perrineau, Robin Weigert, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Johnny Strong, Brad William Henke
Director: William Fichtner
Screenwriters: William Ficthtner, Cain DeVore
Producers: Kim Coates, William Fichtner, Shayne Putzlocher, Sara Shaak
Executive producers: Cain DeVore, Gary Drummond, Joe Ferraro, Sean HusVar
Director of photography: Edd Lukas
Production designer: David Allen Butler
Editor: Kiran Pallegadda
Composer: Michael Deragon
Costume designer: Melissa Vargas
Casting: Matthew Maisto, Frank Rossi

102 minutes


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