Courtney Kemp Power 6 Midseason Finale Taken From Dallas ‘Who Shot JR’

Courtney Kemp Power 6 Midseason Finale Taken From Dallas 'Who Shot JR'

Come on Courtney Kemp just admit it, you remembered the “Who Shot JR.” cliffhanger and rewrote it for Power!

OK, so we have to call out Power creator Courtney Kemp because we all know that she put her spin on the midseason cliffhanger from televisions No. 80s series Dallas.

Back in the 80s, Dallas was the series to watch and “Who Shot JR.” was the most-watched cliffhanger in TV history. If you watched Power on Sunday you would notice that Courtney Kemp took the storyline from Dallas per vatim. Read on because we are calling out Power 6 midseason finale coming from Dallas season 3 finale back in 1980…

Courtney Kemp Power 6 Midseason Finale Taken From Dallas 'Who Shot JR' has a bone to pick with Courtney Kemp’s episode 610 Nothing Can Stop Me because the last sequence plays out like Rena Down “A House Divided” episode of Dallas which aired on March 21, 1980.

Why Power 6 finale comes from Dallas!

Here is our issue:

Power showrunner Courtney Kemp has already confirmed the remaining five episodes of the final season will look at who was holding the gun when Ghost was shot.

She revealed she’d been inspired by the Japanese movie Rashomon, which tells the story of a murder from the multiple perspectives of the suspects.

Courtney Kemp, just tell the truth about Power Season 6 midseason finale. We know the scene came from Dallas.

To be exact Rashomon is a movie about a samurai whose wife is raped and brutally murdered in a forest. It has nothing to do with the way Power’s midseason cliffhanger ended.

No, let’s be honest about this. Here is the clip from the season 3 finale of Dallas when JR Ewing is shot. He is wearing a grey suit like Ghost. JR is seen walking through rooms turning off lights like Ghost in Truth. Then JR is pausing in his workplace just as Ghost did.

Take a look, the only difference is the scene is updated and Ghost is grabbing his chest like JR and falling:

In Dallas Kristin M. Shepard, JR Ewings sister-in-law shot him. She an affair with Sue Ellen’s husband, J.R. and later shot him in the season 3 finale.

No matter how many times Kemp claims it is NOT taken from Dallas, she can’t deny all the similarities which prove the scene is taken from writer, Rena Down (Dallas, Knotts Landing, Falcon Crest).

Power has been so good up unto this season. For some reason, it Power is coming off like a quick wrap up killing off characters to finalize the story and make sure there can never be another season. For 5 years Power has been innovative, intriguing and masterful, but season 6 claims to be taking it up a notch, but there are so many scenes that come of unrealistic and straight-up stupid its disappointing. We expected better and what’s worse is that Ghost being shot is taken from Dallas.


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