Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer Proves The X-Men Franchise Dead

Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer Proves The X-Men Franchise Dead

Dark Phoenix was one of the year’s biggest disappointment both critically and financially.

Now, that Disney has swallowed 20th Century Fox X-Men franchise and crapped it out in one big pile of poo, the Honest trailer is here to show you just how bad the movie was. Continue on to watch Dark Phoenix Honest Trailer…

CelebNMovies247.com has the latest from honest trailers shows that the Fox version of the X-Men franchise is officially dead.

X-Men kicked off in 2000 and after 19 years all we’ve seen is the X-Men franchise retell the stories of the X-men two times over.

Maybe Dark Phoenix was like a rewrite, but fans expected so much more.

Thanks to the people at Honest Trailers, they have gone above and beyond on this saga ending sequel, offering this stinging gem right off the bat.

From Disney comes the last film in this X Universe to remind us that just like the human body, when a franchise dies, it craps itself.

The gloves are off straight out of the gate this time around, and you can tell there will be no love given to this box office stinker.

Sorry, but the Honest Trailers crew go after the movie for recycling the plot from X-Men 3.

They poke fun saying this time with a whole lot more Jean Gray. But not really. Instead, the movie explores the cosmic potential of the Phoenix Force. But again, not really.

Basically, they show the movie had plenty of potential, but instead it lacked everything, lightly touched on aspects of the comic, and skipped plenty of source material from the comics that made the film a pile of poo.

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