Ezra Miller Gunning For Cyborg To Join The Flash Film

Ezra Miller Gunning For Cyborg To Join The Flash Film

Ezra Miller Gunning For Cyborg To Join The Flash Film!

This would make for an awesome movie to have Cyborg and The Flash in the upcoming follow up to The Justice League. Read on to learn more about Ezra wanting Cyborg in his solo movie…

CelebNMovies247.com reports that Ezra Miller aka The Flash wants Cyborg to join him in his upcoming movie.

Remember when Warner Bros. had a solo film lined up Cyborg in 2020?

Well, things changed and Cyborg has been left in limbo, but now Ezra is gunning to get Cyborg in The Flash solo film.

Ezra Miller is pushing to get Raymond Fisher back for a role in The Flash. We’ve heard that it was widely assumed behind the scenes that Cyborg wouldn’t return to the DCEU, with WB having no interest in doing more with the character. However, this has now changed as his old co-star Miller is fighting hard to get Fisher a part in his own solo movie.

Being said, Cyborg is one of our favorite superheroes, so we would love to see Ezra get his way and have Raymond Fisher back as Cyborg.

What do you think about Cyborg joining Miller’s upcoming DCEU solo movie?

We feel having both of these heroes together would make the film stronger and help to join the Justice League again.


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