The First Purge Political Uprising Posters Red, White + Blue

The First Purge gives a whole new meaning to our patriotic red, white and blue.  The Purge color is blue lilacs to mourn the deaths of those who lost their lives in The Purge 1 through 3.

Now, in The First Purge, we all get to see how the social experiment goes left and the government intervenes to make it a way to rid the country of the poverty-stricken. Read on…

The First Purge Political Uprising Posters Red, White + Blue

Are you ready to check out the new First Purge Political Uprising Posters? This is some genius marketing for the fourth installment of the franchise.

Sorry to say, but when we watch the Purge movies all we think about is that we hope Trump NEVER decides to do this. He just seems like the greedy type who would kill off America’s poor to make himself richer.

Watch The First Purge trailer via Blumhouse here and check out our previous coverage.

Anyways, First Purge Political Uprising Posters reveal a new set of posters of community outcry and rage against a corrupt governed system know as the new founding fathers. It is a creatively displayed drawing depicting the uprising of Bishop’s movement as well as three new posters reflecting the colors of our flag, with gruesome images of bloodshed in celebration of The First Purge.

Take a look at all of The First Purge Political Uprising Posters since the news of the fourth installment was being made:


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