Francis Ford Coppola Eyeing Jude Law + Shia LaBeouf For ‘Megalopolis’

Francis Ford Coppola Eyeing Jude Law + Shia LaBeouf For 'Megalopolis'

We haven’t seen Francis Ford Coppola behind the camera since 2011’s experimental horror, Twixt.

Now, Francis Ford Coppola is finally back with ‘Megalopolis’ and he is Eyeing Jude Law + Shia LaBeouf for the film. Read on…

Francis Ford Coppola Eyeing Jude Law + Shia LaBeouf For 'Megalopolis' reports that one of the most respected filmmakers in the world, Francis Ford Coppola is embarking on his long-awaited passion project.

Francis Ford Coppola who still remains optimistic about the future of cinema when it comes to Megalopolis tells Deadline:

At this age, I have to tell you, I am more enthusiastic and excited about the cinema and what it means and what it can be and even with all of the new digital aspects of it, which I think are being misused.

When it comes to casting, Coppola already has two stars he is aiming to put in the film.

He reveals:

I mean, we made the offer now to several actors. I can’t say they’ve accepted, but they were very enthusiastic. One of them is Jude Law and another Shia LaBeouf. I may shortly have my lead actress.

Megalopolis is said to center on an architect who hopes to turn New York City into a utopia but is repeatedly thwarted by the mayor. The film has long been a pet project for Coppola, but the development of it came to a halt after 9/11, for obvious reasons.

Coppola recognizes the changing landscape of the movie industry and is ready to exist in it as things stand now.

Francis explains:

But as you know, in the next five years the whole film industry is going to be owned by Apple, Facebook, Amazon. One of those newly emerged media giants is intrigued by the idea.

He added:

Studios pretty much don’t do these movies [like ‘Megalopolis’] anymore. Even when they do, they don’t finance them.

We will see where Megalopolis will premiere. We are hoping for the big screen, but it may land on a streaming format. will keep you posted…

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