Joe Manganiello Reportedly Returning For Army Of The Dead 2

Joe Manganiello Reportedly Returning For Army Of The Dead 2

Joe Manganiello Reportedly Returning For Army Of The Dead 2!

Have you seen Zach Snyders Army of the Dead on Netflix? Well, we saw it and it was good, Dave Batista was Awesome in it, but damn it was soooo long.

Anyways, Netflix’s Army of the Dead was the product of Zack Snyder’s vision down to a tee, delivering a high octane and action-packed undead flick. Read on for more about Joe Manganiello in Army Of The Dead 2… reports that Army of the Dead cribbed certain elements from classic films and refitted them to suit the director’s distinct sensibilities.

The movie is done in classic zombie movie format as each of the ragtag eccentrics characters don’t make it out, plays out like James Cameron’s Aliens.

Well, the sequel is set to be a prequel.

However, the expanded franchise isn’t going to follow the same template, with star Matthias Schweighöfer reprising his role as Dieter and also directing prequel Army of Thieves, which has been described as a romantic comedy crime caper in the vein of The Italian Job.

The next film, Army of the Dead 2 [Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas] an animated movie, will focus on Dave Bautista’s Scott Ward during his military days when the city was in the midst of being overrun and evacuated, but a new character named Rose will be the protagonist.

Joe Manganiello provides the voice for him, and insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that he’ll return to reprise the role in live-action in the inevitable sequel.

There are some stellar names signed on for Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas so far that wasn’t in the movie including Christian Slater, Harry Lennix, The Witcher‘s Anya Chalotra, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jena Malone, all of whom could hypothetically make the jump to live-action in the future should Manganiello set the precedent.

Of course, that’s if they get out of the animated series alive.

via WGTC