Jordan Peele’s New Horror Movie Lands Release Date

Jordan Peele’s New Horror Movie Lands Release Date

Jordan Peele’s New Horror Movie Lands Release Date!

With the COVID-19 pandemic still a threat, 2022 seems to be the lucky number for almost everyone, especially when it comes to Jordan Peele whose new horror movie will release summer 2022. Read on… reports that Jordan Peele, 41, who previously helmed the hit horror movies ‘Get Out’ and ‘Us’, has set his new project date for just under two years.

Universal confirmed on Monday (09.11.20) they have lined Jordan Peele up for a new movie, but as of the time of writing, according to Deadline.

The movie will mark the third feature film Peele has directed, although he has worked as a producer on several projects, including ‘BlacKkKlansman’, ‘Keanu’, and two films slated for a 2021 release, ‘Wendell and Wild’ and ‘Candyman’.

‘Candyman’ is being described as a “spiritual sequel” to the 1992 cult classic supernatural slasher flick of the same name, which will be directed by Nia DaCosta. Even Tony Todd said fans will love the reboot.

Speaking about the movie, Peele said:

Quite honestly, Nia is better to shoot this than I am. I’m way too obsessed with the original tales in my head. I probably wouldn’t be any good. But Nia has a steady manner about her which you don’t see a lot in the horror space. She’s refined, elegant, every shot is beautiful. It’s a beautiful, beautiful movie. I’m so glad I didn’t mess it up.”

Meanwhile, it was also reported earlier this month that Peele will produce a remake of Wes Craven’s 1991 horror movie ‘The People Under the Stairs’.

The original movie starred Brandon Adams, Everett McGill, and Wendy Robie and follows Poindexter ‘Fool’ Williams (Adams) who become trapped in a house belonging to the strange Mommy and Daddy Robeson (Robie and McGill) and he discovers a community of cannibal children who have been left to live in secret parts of the house.

It’s unclear whether the actor, writer, producer, and director will have any other roles in the production of the flick.