Marvel Zombies Movie May Be In Development

Marvel Zombies Movie May Be In Development

Marvel Zombies Movie May Be In Development!

This is AWESOME, acclaimed comic book author and industry insider Mark Millar claims that Marvel Studios may be developing a live-action adaptation of Marvel Zombies.

Marvel Zombies Movie May Be In Development has learned that Marvel is working on a Marvel Zombies live-action movie which comes of the heels of the latest episode of Marvel’s What If…? — titled “What If… Zombies!?”

The “What If…Zombies” episode gave MCU fans a first glimpse of what an undead pandemic could look like within the Marvel universe.

Kirkman, who is most famous for co-creating the original The Walking Dead comics, let his imagination run wild in his five-issue limited series. Originally spinning out from the Ultimate Fantastic Four, Marvel Zombies takes place in an alternate timeline where the Marvel universe is ravaged by a zombie contagion known simply as “the Hunger.”

Despite the relatively short run time, the episode’s writers managed to incorporate several references and plot points from the original 2006 Marvel Zombies comic series written by Robert Kirkman.

If true, a live-action adaptation of Marvel Zombies would certainly mark a departure from Marvel Studios’ standard superhero fare. Although next year’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is said to incorporate horror elements, the studio has never outright attempted a horror project before in the MCU. The recent introduction of the multiverse presents a perfect opportunity for Marvel Studios to tackle riskier storylines like Marvel Zombies in the future.

However, as is true of any rumor, news of this alleged live-action Marvel Zombies adaptation should be taken with a grain of salt – at least until the studio itself chimes in. Even if Millar’s sources are accurate, there is always the possibility that the studio vetos the idea later on down the line (as they did for Nia DaCosta’s original pitch for an X-Men and Fantastic Four crossover film). Regardless, this rumor shows the exciting new storytelling possibilities available to filmmakers now that the MCU’s multiverse is up and running.