Marvels Venom First Look Trailer Is Intriguing

Marvels Venom First Look Is Intriguing

We all know that Venom and Spider-Man tend to go hand in hand, but NOT in the new Marvel Venom movie. Peter Parker is said to be in it, but not as Spidey, however, the movie has two things going for it, director Ruben Fleischer and Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy will surely bring justice to Venom, so now we just must cross our fingers that the script and story line is on point. We don’t need any mishaps like the DCEU’s Justice League.

Read on to watch the Venom First Look trailer

Marvels Venom First Look Is Intriguing

CelebNMovies247 got our hands on the first look at lethal protector, Venom which will debut in October.

What have we learned from Venom thus far?

This first footage gives us an initial look at Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Eddie Brock. And in Venom, he looks like he’s going through a tough time. As he says, sometimes “we are dealing with hardships in our lives. A break up (and they show his love interest, Michelle Williams). An accident. Something that changes you from what you were, to what you have now become.”

What’s missing from the trailer?

That’s simple Tom hardy as Venom, it seems Sony wants to build buzz before dropping Hardy as Venom and we are enjoying that.

Though, some people are NOT as pleased with the first trailer.


For now, Venom is being viewed as a standalone movie, one that Sony is developing apart from the Marvel Cinematic Universe — where Tom Holland’s Spider-Man exists — but one that MIGHT run concurrent to the events of the MCU.


This also means that Venom may not connect with the upcoming Black Cat and Silver Sable movie. Hopefully, something may change, and we see Spider Man battle it out with his alien nemesis Venom.
Here’s to hoping.

Watch the Venom First Look trailer:

Venom rips into theaters on October 5, 2018.