Sony Mystery Spider-Man Spin-Off Movie Gets Fall 2021 Release

Marvel Mystery Spider-Man Spin-Off Movie Gets Fall 2021 Release

Sony Mystery Spider-Man Spin-Off Movie Gets Fall 2021 Release Date!

Great news Marvel and Spider-Man fans, Sony Pictures is continuing to make the most out of the Marvel character it’s in control of. Read on to get more details on the Mystery Spider-Man Spin-Off… reports that Sony Pictures have dated a new Spider-Man spin-off movie for 2021.

The question now becomes, what is the new Spider-Man spin-off movie going to be? The studio has Morbius coming down the pipeline, which arrives on July 31, as well as Venom 2, which is expected to hit theaters in October. Beyond that, they have quite a few projects in development,

It’s been revealed that Sony has planted a flag for October 8, 2021, that will see an untitled Marvel movie arrive in theaters. Given that Venom 2 is arriving later this year, we can virtually rule out Venom 3 as a possibility.

It also seems unlikely Morbius 2 could be turned around that quickly, and the studio will surely want to see how things go at the box office before they go that route.

What we know:

The studio is currently developing movies based on Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web, Spider-Woman and Nightwatch. They were also working on Silver & Black, which would have teamed Silver Sable and Black Cat together. Ultimately, the project was scrapped, but those are still characters the studio is interested in developing. Not to mention, but Kraven’s Last Hunt, in the world of Marvel Comics, is one of the most cherished Spider-Man storylines ever published, for example.

Spider-Man has not appeared in any of these movies, at least not in the flesh, as Tom Holland’s version of the character is currently occupied in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though the Morbius trailer made it quite clear that Spider-Man, at least a version of Spider-Man, exists in that universe. And it connected, in some way at least, to the MCU, with Michael Keaton’s Vulture making a surprise cameo.

The Big Question?

This untitled mystery movie may have something to do a little more directly with Peter Parker. Or maybe even Miles Morales?

Sony has continued to work with Disney and Marvel for future Spider-Man movies, despite some serious drama on that front last year. Spider-Man 3 is set to shoot this summer. But Sony still controls the movie rights to Spidey and his massive rogue’s gallery of characters, which is expansive.

This news comes to us via the Exhibitor Relations’ Twitter account.

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