Official First Look at VENOM via Brazil Comic-Con

Official First Look at VENOM via Brazil Comic-Con

Sony has started to slowly roll out promotion for the upcoming Venom movie with the first image of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.

Besides the image of Tom Hardy as Venom, the studio also released along with the full video from last year’s panel at Brazil Comic-Con. Read on…

Official First Look at VENOM via Brazil Comic-Con

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) in Columbia Pictures’ VEMON. has the latest courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment regarding the upcoming DCEU movie, Venom. This is the first official look at the film.

The release date for Venom is less than a year away now, so more images and promotional material is expected to drop soon.

What We’ve Learned about the upcoming Spider Man Villain:

“The aforementioned first official image of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock features the actor holding a notebook, which upon further investigation, mentions the Life Foundation. This will. serve as a large portion of the movie. It has recently been revealed that Riz Ahmed is portraying Dr. Carlton Drake, the head of the Life Foundation, a group that is trying to replicate Eddie Brock superpowers. As for, the She-Venom star, her name is Michelle Williams, who will be playing Brock’s ex-wife Anne Weying.

In the video, director Ruben Fleischer starts the video from the San Francisco set in Atlanta, Georgia. Contrary to previous reports, it was actually Fleischer who announced that the source material for Venom was taken from the Lethal Protector comic series, not Tom Hardy.”

Take a look at the panel from Brazil Comic-Con:

Tom Hardy took front and center in the video, which was live broadcasting from the set, and premiered the first piece of Venom promotional material, which was an exclusive Brazil Comic-Con t-shirt with Venom’s face over the red “v” logo that has since been released worldwide.


More importantly, Hardy addressed the fans, saying that he will do the best job that he possibly can to bring  Eddie Brock to the big screen and do the character justice.

Hardy is a superb actor, so we can’t wait to see his portrayal of Venom. The film is slated for a October 5, 2018 release.