Official Night Monkey Trailer Arrives

Official Night Monkey Trailer Arrives

Spider-Man: Far from Home is officially available of digital, but Sony has now released the official Night Monkey trailer as well.

The Night Monkey trailer arrives after the news that Spider-Man has SPLIT from the MCU. Continue on to watch… has the latest from the Sony Pictures Entertainment which has positioned the trailer as a darker tale than Spider-Man: Far From Home.

In this Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer we see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, exclusively in his black suit, taking on the name of The Night Monkey. This all came from a joke during a key sequence in the movie where Ned was trying to protect his friend’s secret identity.

The spot also features the following tagline.

When night falls, a new hero rises. The night belongs to the monkey.

Many MCU fans wanted Marvel to make a trailer for Night Monkey, but now that Sony owns the Spider-Man Universe, they listened.

Sony Pictures were well aware of these rallying cries from MCU fans online when they put together this trailer.

As a result, some may choose to process this as a big middle finger to Disney and Marvel now that they have Spider-Man in their possession.

Not to mention that the Marvel Studios logo is at the beginning of this spot feels like it has a lot of weight to it, given all that has happened in recent weeks.

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