Plan On 2021 Oscars Ceremony In June

Plan On 2021 Oscars Ceremony In June

. Plan On 2021 Oscars Ceremony In June!

With the Coronavirus pandemic putting a halt on all movie productions and literally stopping movies from premiering at theaters around the world, there is barely any movies for the 2021 Oscars. Find out what the solution that the Academy Awards has come up with. Read on for more details on 2021 Oscars Ceremony happening in June…. has learned via reports that it’s time to start planning on the 2021 Oscars ceremony t be delayed by four months.

What we have learned from reports about the 2021 Academy Awards:

The 2021 Oscars ceremony are set to be pushed back four months —Which means the 2021 ceremony could be held as late as May or June due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision to change up the calendar for the first time in the ceremony’s 93-year history. The news comes as the global health crisis has had a serious impact on the 2020 film release schedule. Films were forced to delay their release dates as cinemas across the world have closed down whilst countries go into lock-down.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences are giving movie studios a longer release window for their flicks to be eligible for Oscars nominations, which means the delayed movies will still make it into the 2021 awards.

The report comes after the Academy drew up provisional plans last month to help studio bosses, including allowing films that have skipped theatrical release and gone straight to streaming sites to still qualify for the Oscars nominations.

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