Ray Fisher As Cyborg Could Return With Warner-Discovery Merger

Ray Fisher As Cyborg Could Return With Warner-Discovery Merger

Ray Fisher As Cyborg Could Return With Warner-Discovery Merger!

According to Ray Fisher, he believes it’s possible for him to return as Cyborg, especially with the Warner-Discovery merger.

CelebnMovies247.com has learned via Geekocity, that Ray Fisher wants to be back as Cyborg, but not with DC Films head Walter Hamada producing.

Fisher played the role of Victor Stone/Cyborg in the controversial Justice League. He is more of a theater actor and stood out portraying Muhammad Ali.

Ray went from an appearance was only in one episode of The Astronaut Wives Club to a cameo as Cyborg in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

But when Justice League was released, Joss Whedon’s version sliced out his role as Cyborg, he ended up more like an afterthought in the film. In Zach Snyder’s original version, Cyborg was the key superhero in the film. In fact, Cyborg was the best thing in the entire movie. Whedon’s version was a complete disappointment to fans and the box office.

It ruined the DCEU and they are still trying to correct all the wrongs.

What was worse is that Ray Fisher’s experience during the production, while Whedon was at the helm, was nowhere near as smooth as he hoped.

It was a drastic shift from what he was expecting compared to working with Snyder.

Where is Cyborg in The DCEU?

After Ray Fisher spoke publically about Josh Whedon and Walter Hamada, saying they are the problem with the DCEU.

He stated:

I’ll definitely not be supporting a Walter Hamada production, period.

Warner Bros. said that Ray Fisher declined the role. On the contrary, Ray Fisher insisted that his character was removed since he publicly announced that he doesn’t want to work with Hamada.

Fast forward to now, Gadot has continued her character with Wonder Woman 1984 and Jason Momoa with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

And Henry Cavill’s Superman is set to appear in The Flash and Black Adam.

As for Cyborg, Ray Fisher lost his role in the upcoming The Flash film which reunites Justice League co-stars Ezra Miller and Ben Affleck.

Meanwhile, J.K. Simmons is returning as Commissioner James Gordon in Batgirl. Leaving Ray Fisher’s Cyborg absent in all of the upcoming DC movies.

Though, Ray Fisher still wants to get back into the role. He was originally looking forward to making more movies with DC Films.

He said:

I’d like the character to evolve in ways that we can recognize over the course of the films and I think that little that that seed of, you know, I’m not broken and I’m not alone. Victor from going from point A to not necessarily point B at the end of the film. Maybe he is at point A-2 or point A-3, you know, watching that character. I mean build a character over a series of films is something that really appeals to me.

Someone did ask if there will be any hope of Ray Fisher returning once the Discovery-Warner Media does push through. There are rumors that Hamada may be removed from DC Films.

He answered:

I can’t really speak on that I don’t really know too much the inner workings of corporate mergers but you never know. I mean, they said the Snyder Cut didn’t exist. They said it was impossible. They said it for years and years, so you know. Give it time and the appetite for it. If people want to, eventually, I think it’s possible.

In other words, believe, pray, and have faith.