Remembering Olivia Newton John: A True Legend

Remembering Olivia Newton John: A True Legend!

Olivia Newton John hit the scene in 1981 with her sexier persona a step further with her first song “Physical.” From there she became a shooting star and starred in Grease as Sandy, Xanadu as Kira the Muse, Debbie in Two of a Kind. Her film career was short when it came to major films, but she had many appearances in other films like She’s having A Baby, and many TV show guest appearances over the years like Glee and more… would like to pay tribute to Olivia Newton John and the moments she sparkled on screen and gave her fans joy and splendor.

Today we lost a strong woman who battled cancer and survived many years. Today we celebrate the life of Olivia Newton John and the happiness she gave her fans, family and loved ones.

Thank you Olivia.



A Little More Love:

Make A Move On Me:

I Honestly Love You:

I Think You Might Like It:

Olivia’s music will live on forever. Her love ballads were everything and if you are not familiar we recommend checking them out.

Grease and Xanadu:

Hopelessly Devoted Sandy sings about Danny in Grease:

Kira singing Suspended in Time asking to become human in Xanadu:

Kira at the end of Xanadu:

Sandy at the end of Grease:

Although her film career was short on the big screen she has lived on in hearts of many as Sandy in Grease and Kira in Xanadu. We recommend revisiting all of her movies, Grease, Xanadu and Two of a Kind where she stars John Travolta as a sort of romance film follow up to Grease.