REVIEW: NO EXIT Is A Fantastic Spin-Chilling Suspense Thriller

REVIEW: NO EXIT Is A Fantastic Spin-Chilling Suspense Thriller!

All the ingredients to make a great suspense thriller is thrown in Hulu Original No Exit making this a perfect paranoid thriller. Get more on out review for Hulu’s NO EXIT… has reviewed Hulu Original No Exit and we are giving it a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

This must see movie keeps you engaged and on the edge of your seat in the “what is going on factor,” and “who done it?”

the setting for the film is set at a rest-stop, the place everyone dreads of being at when driving on the road. It’s isolated, and there is a massive storm which helps to cut off contacting the outside world.

Then, it mixes together a handful of suspects all strangers waiting I out harsh blizzard conditions naturally breeds suspicion. But the film centers on the lead heroine fleeing from her rehabilitation center would typically make for a conventional unreliable narrator that can’t be trusted with reality. Except No Exit defies those norms and instead delivers a propulsive suspense thriller that focuses on intensity.

Darby Thorne (Havana Rose Liu) just received a call that her mother is gravely ill and in the hospital. It sends her into a panic, compounded by the fact that she’s under scrutiny in rehab, and most of her family wants nothing to do with her. Darby’s burned so many bridges before we even laid eyes on her.

Our unexpected heroine is quickly put to the test when she finds drugs in a car she jacked to rush to the hospital, but she is denied travel when a blizzard puts her off the path and stuck in the middle of nowhere. While trying to find Wi-Fi service Darby stubbles across a young girl (Mila Harris) bound and gagged in the back of a van.

No Exit jumps into overdrive making all the strangers suspects in a who done it style format. She realizes one of the strangers Ed (Dennis Haysbert), Sandi (Dale Dickey), Ash (Danny Ramirez), and Lars (David Rysdahl) are all inside, and one of them is the kidnapper, and it kickstarts a harrowing fight to survive.

The movie is totally intense and keeps you guess for the three act film. As it unravels you will shocked in this gripping suspense thriller now streaming on Hulu.