SDCC: First Look Justice League Trailer

SDCC: First Look Justice League Trailer


Ok are you ready for the next round of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Justice League? The we have your first look at the upcoming and highly anticipated Justice League Pt 1!!!

Flip and take a look at the upcoming Justice League trailer….

SDCC: First Look Justice League Trailer has your first look from San Diego Comic Con 2016 and the new Justice League trailer from the DC Extended Universe.

WB premiered initial footage from Justice League in Hall H today at Comic Con (you can see it above, courtesy of Zack Snyder’s Twitter feed) and anyone worried they didn’t learn lessons from Batman V Superman can rest assured – this footage leaned heavily on good-natured rumor and the idea of building a team, with a driven but positive Batman at the center.

Let’s not forget the scene in Batman when the Flash goes back in time to tell Batman to “find them…find them all.”

SDCC: First Look Justice League Trailer

The trailer kicks off in a dingy fish house with Bruce Wayne asking:

“There’s a man who comes from the sea and brings fish to the hungry,” he says (and I paraphrase). “He comes on the King Tide and that was last night. I need to meet this man.”

Cue: Arthur Curry turning around, glaring.

SDCC: First Look Justice League Trailer

We also see him recruiting the Flash and later Batman standing with Cyborg. Next we see Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Flash standing in the tunnel set we visited in London and Cyborg saying:

“I didn’t think you were real,” to Batman.

SDCC: First Look Justice League Trailer

Warner Bros. is coming hard with their next superheroes movie and wait until you see this Justice League trailer below:

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