Simon Kinberg Reveals New Mutants May Be R-Rated

Simon Kinberg Reveals New Mutants May Be R-Rated

What’s going on with Simon Kinberg’s New Mutants movie ever since it got pushed back because moviegoers who screened it felt it was lacking scare.

Well, the studio listened a quickly decided to hold the film for another year and fix the mistakes, something the DCU should really start doing. Read on to find out why 20th Century Fox turned up the scare so New Mutants is a Rated R film has the latest from Simon Kinberg who recently did an interview in order to provide an update on the status of the X-Men projects.

20th Century Fox and Simon Kinsberg currently have multiple X Men movies in production like New Mutants, Dark Phoenix which hits in June 2019, the follow up to Deadpool 2, X-Force and Gambit.

X-Force has yet to reveal a release date or a start date on production, but rest assure, Simon Kinberg is directing the film.

As you may already know, Kinberg is making his directorial debut with Dark Phoenix, but he’s also involved with The New Mutants as a producer.

Here is what Simon Kinberg said when he was asked whether or not that movie will be R-rated:

It’s the kind of movie that could go R, or it could be a hard PG-13. As I was saying before in terms of sub-genres or the genre, it is obviously teased as a horror film, and most horror films these days are R-rated, but it stars a very young cast, so we’ll see. It really is what the movie wants to be. The studio is open to either rating… Traditionally, superhero movies are PG-13 other than Logan and the Deadpool movies, and generally, horror films are R-rated, so we’ll see where this one falls. It is a very scary, edgy movie.

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