Solo: A Star Wars Story NOT A Stand Alone? Sequel Possibility Endless

Solo: A Star Wars Story NOT a Stand Alone? Sequel Possibility Endless

Well, the news just broke that Solo: A Star Wars Story is not only one story, according to director Ron Howard.

The Disney LucasFilm movie about a young Han Solo may have a possible follow up to the film. Read on to see what Ron Howard is saying about a sequel…

Solo: A Star Wars Story NOT a Stand Alone? Sequel Possibility has the latest on Solo: A Star Wars Story which is now being said to be the first chapter in a trilogy, chronicling the scoundrel’s younger years.

According to reports, somewhere between Phil Lord and Chris Miller getting fired and Ron Howard stepping in to shoot 70% of the movie the trilogy talk got lost.

Now it appears to be back in the forefront as Ron Howard feels that Solo has endless possibilities for a sequel or two.

It has already been leaked that Alden Ehrenreich admitted that he is signed on for three films, but Ron Howard implies that any future films would depend on the success of this one.

The reviews are in and even Harrison Ford said that he loved Solo.

Ford crashed Alden’s interview with Entertainment Tonight. Ehrenreich was asked if he had talked to Ford, and if so, what advice he had been given. Little did he realize there was a famous fact-checker in the room right behind him…

Harrison told Ehrenreich:

I just thought it was spectacular. And I thought he was so smart about what he did and how he did it. I just couldn’t be happier.

It appears that the door isn’t closed on a trilogy, and Ron Howard recently said it would be interesting to move forward with more Han Solo adventures. This would be fitting for the Star Wars Universe.

Ron Howard had this to say about a sequel to Solo:

Well, there are so many possibilities and, you know, it’s kind of one of those things where we’re sitting around, waiting for those shots. Although, with [director of photography] Bradford Young, there’s not a lot of time. He moves fast. He’s an indie guy. And, so we were able to make this movie at a pace but, once he began to see the possibilities for scenes and ideas. So, I don’t have a big vision as to where the plot would go, even though ultimately we know where he’s headed and it would be intriguing to navigate him there.